At ADI, we strive to create a less burdensome grieving environment for the families of our clients

We accomplish this through our Touch Screen Registry System and our elegant Memoriam package of guest book and CD/ROM which includes an attendee list in conjunction with thank you notes and addressed envelopes. This ensures all individuals paying their respects to the family of the deceased are recognized and provides time-saving support to the family allowing them to focus on healing.

 The Maestro Podium / Our Traditional Composition

Our leading podium is built from solid oak and designed as the Master of our product line. The Maestro conducts and coordinates the guests’ actions as they arrive to pay their respects. At the Maestro, they will sign in on the Touch Screen Registry System, while the Maestro Podium encompasses the personal computer, monitor and keyboard. Additionally, the Maestro Podium is a self-contained providing space for Prayer Cards, Donation envelopes and cleaning wipes.

We recommend the Maestro Podium as one that immerses itself into the design of the funeral home salon furnishings providing innovative technology in a traditional presentation.

The Solista / A Stand Alone Environment  

The Solista is structured to operate solo. It is designed to become a subtle part of the funeral home salon in an area that could support a monitor with the personal computer hidden away underneath the monitor in a cabinet. The Solista is the perfect consideration for the smaller, more intimate funeral salon where space or display needs are a factor.

The Portofino / Ultimate Portable Environment 

The Portofino is the ultimate portable unit for the current trending toward church only services or when a continuation of a funeral service is requested but held in the church prior to the services. The Portofino also may be utilized, due to its portability, for gatherings of any variety where name collection is key for future use such as thank you notes, announcements, informative business and holiday mailings or to conveniently update current information.

D’Artista / Artistic Universal Environment 

The D’Artista is ideal for use universally. The sophisticated design of the D’Artista ensures the name collection at functions from weddings and celebrations to organization gatherings and events is done in style. It is distinctive yet blends into banquet and reception environments as well as conventions and trade shows, attracting attention with its eclectic styling.

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