Here are some of our most asked questions…

How do I get started?

Please use the contact page to send us your information so we could arrange a meeting to discuss what products would best fit your needs.

How long is the ADI hardware warranty?

There is a standard three year warranty from the manufacture of the All-in-One touchscreen and the 3M touchscreen with separate personal computer.

How many visitors can sign the ADI Guest Register at a single event?

Up to 3000 names can be entered on each unit. With large visitations you would need additional units to prevent long lines.

How do we accommodate people who are uncomfortable with using the touch screen?

At first, when ADI Guest Register is very new you may want to train your wake staff to walk guests through the signing process. We provide all new subscribers with a simple presentation for training. You may also want to offer this as an additional service. Once ADI Guest Register units are commonplace, most guests will be familiar with it and many will be returning signees, this will speed up the process and make things simpler for all.


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